Do I need a building consent?

The Flip series are all ready for consent approval stage.

What Flip sizes are available?

The Flip series are self-contained units of various sizes less than 65m2 to meet various Council definitions of a minor dwelling.

What are the transportable costs?

Prices will vary depending on your site location. Let us know your location and we will provid you with a quote.

How much do Flips cost?

Flip house prices vary between size, design features, materiality and site.

How long do Flips take to build?

On average Flips take 6 weeks in the factory and 1 week onsite.

Can we put Flips on a sloping sections?

Yes of course! Flips are able to be built on sloping sections as they use a screw pile system.

Can we visit the showroom to view a Flip?

A Flip showroom is on its way!

Where in New Zealand do you supply to?

We supply to the North Island.