Architect designer prefabricated minor dwelling

Flippin’ Great Backyard Living

The Flip range by First Light re-imagines the future of backyard living. Whether downsizing or upgrading, keeping the grand-kids close to home or dipping your toes into the rental market, an Architect-designed Flip house transforms your back lawn into a toasty-warm, accessible, sustainable, backyard investment.


What the Flip?

Large windows, a high ceiling, and cleverly designed layouts make these homes feel remarkably spacious. These houses have a small footprint, both on your site and on the environment! They are healthy too, with ample insulation, double glazed windows & doors and flexible orientation, these homes will be sunny and warm all year round.

Architect designed prefabricated minor dwelling interior

What makes your Flip different?



Iconic design

Fits on the smallest of sections

Flexible dwelling orientation

Well insulated

Low maintenance

Customisable interiors

Lifetime design

Seismically robust

Touches the ground lightly


PV solar energy

Rain water collection

Grey water recycling

7-Star Homestar rating

5-Star Lifemark accessibility

Built offsite for speed & convenience

Gas instant hot water

Landscape design



Will it Flip into your backyard?

All Flip by First Light designs have been created with site limitations in mind in order to find the perfect fit for your site. Get in touch with us to see what option may Flip into your backyard.



What are your options?

The FlipLow models offer up to two bedrooms in a single-level dwelling. Flipping up to the High provides you with a multi-functional two-storeyed backyard apartment.



1 bed


Length = 9.9m

Width = 4.2m

Height = 4m (above ground)

What the Flip’s included?

FlipMini is the smallest offering in the series but still boasts fantastic one bedroom living. Its compact design enables it to fit on a wide variety of tricky sites.


2.5 bed


Length = 9.9m

Width = 4.2m

Height = 6m (above ground)

What the Flip’s included?

FlipHigh80 has the same 42m² footprint as the FlipMini, but an additional storey adds so much more space and versatility! Even on the smallest of sites, three flex spaces allow you to tailor the house to your living requirements.


1 bed


Length = 10m

Width = 5.9m

Height = 4m (above ground)

What the Flip’s included?

FlipLow60 is a single-storey home that boasts a large bedroom and open plan living with great flow to the all-important Kiwi outdoor living space.


2 bed


Length = 13.6m

Width = 5.9m

Height = 4m (above ground)

What the Flip’s included?

FlipLow80 is an extension of the FlipLow60 with two generous bedrooms and plenty of storage space to make the transition into a smaller dwelling even easier.

Created using lifetime design principles, FlipLow60 & 80 are accessible for people living with mobility challenges.

The FlipLow80 complies with Auckland City Council’s definition of a minor dwelling.


What’s your style?

All designs in the Flip by First Light series are available in any of the three options pictured below.


Prefabricated tiny home upgrade colour and texture options

The Natural range uses New Zealand grown heat treated timbers as exterior accents, and warm natural tones on the interior. This palette creates a calming and connecting feeling, integrating your new Flip into the garden.


Prefabricated tiny home upgrade colour and texture options

The Distilled range is a refined, modern look that allows you to showcase your artworks and interior pieces. This minimal and pared back combination is an elegant addition to any backyard.


Prefabricated tiny home upgrade colour and texture options

The Seasonal range provides an option for a vibrant backyard statement. With varying colour tones, this option allows you to have your favourite season in your backyard all year round.


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